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Alcohol is currently considered to be the most abused drink in the market. However, it has been discovered that most of the drunkards want to leave their drinking lives and become sober for many reasons. Some organizations were therefore formed so that they may have the ability to equip the drunkards with the ability to avoid drinking and become sober. A good example of such an organization is the Alcoholic Anonymous, which was formed with the interest of helping the drunkards.Special meetings are usually sponsored by such organizations so that they may enable the drunkards with the ability to stop drinking. In the meeting, the members are encouraged to share their personal stories so that they may have the ability to empower one another. The meetings also bring the people who are suffering from drunkenness together ensuring that they give one another hope and the strength to completely leave alcohol consumption. People are able to meet in such meetings and make important connections with the people who are able to understand the since they are going through the same problem as they are. The result is that the people will have been given the opportunity to completely sober up from the drinking problem. The AA provides their people with coins and tokens which are available in different colors and are also made from different materials. The tokens are meant to serve as a reminder of the number of days that the person has spent without taking alcohol. Some of them are also offered on a twenty four hour basis.

These coins are also meant to serve as a reminder. They are particularly meant to remind the people who are suffering from the drinking problem about the sacrifices that they have made in order for them to reach that far.It also reminds them of the time that they have been spending drinking. The coins are also meant to show that the drunkards have achieved so much so far and that they have the ability to stop drinking completely. These coins are beautiful and fascinating. The coins are made of different shapes, each shape having a different meaning altogether. The importance of having them in different shapes is that they always give the victims anticipation on how they are going to get the next coins. However, they are only able to earn the coins for themselves only if they have managed to stay sober for the required period of time.These coins are only given if the victim has managed to remain sober. The AA coins are also able to offer the necessary support. Victory is also celebrated through the chips that are also provided.

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