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What is DD/LG and How it Works?

Many people have heard about Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism before, which was in fact considered as a taboo but is now a favorite sexual subject for people that wanted to try it out. The Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism term is now obsolete and in fact has a much newer and modified version which is known now as DDLG or the Daddy Dom/Little Girl. This is now getting more popular nowadays. You could even find some women today who calls their boyfriends as Daddy. If you don’t know what kind of affair is this, i recommend you continue reading more below.

What it Means

There are in fact various titles of Doms and Subs that they refer on each other. It can be dynamic or will depend on the two. When it comes to a DDLG relationship, this is either Master or Pet or Master or Slave. Though it may sound harsh, subs will enjoy a bit respectful and also a softer option. There are also those that refers it as Daddy Dom and Baby Girl.

A lot of people assume that the Daddy Dom is a male. In fact, it could also happen to female Doms and male subs. Some people even uses mommies and little boys. You will also find some that uses CG/L that means Caregiver and Little. Other people also uses the Big and Little reference.

The features with Doms are in fact similar of real Daddies. It actually comes with protection, guidance, training and devotion. But this is being derived from the Master/Slave type. A significance of the two however would be on the role of the subs. Their inner-child side makes it distinctive from slaves. Another addition is on the expectations and etiquette’s and it is more relaxed for Little.

Daddy Dom and Mommy Dommes are the more dominant partners. The dominant partner may in fact belong to any gender and age. It’s not true that Daddy Dom should be older than the other. Age in fact is not the thing that needs to be considered to be a Dom.

Another thing is that this is not about having sex or on the case of manipulating the subs. It is more than spankings and is like taking responsibilities over Little. The Dom could act as a parent and they may also involve in intercourse.

Little would be a variation of Submissive, but she will be playing more of her childish nature. The thing that makes them different from subs is that they are in need of more guidance, care, attention and protection. The Dom will act as the caregiver or is the parent and will give a reward for the Little if she has done good behaviours or they will give spankings or loss of privilege if they are going to break the rules.

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